Mormon Daddy!

Hello and welcome! I am Daddy Brown and this is my blog. I’m still not entirely sure why I’ve decided to take up blogging, but hopefully someone out there will find this blog interesting and/or useful and/or worthy of repeat visits just to make fun of me.

I guess more than anything this blog will document my transition from non-daddy to daddy, all-the-while tracking the development of our cute little “Baby Brown.”

As for the name of the blog, I don’t wish to be misleading. While I am a happy, practicing Latter-Day Saint, this blog will definitely deal more with the “Daddy” side of things. I will occasionally touch on Mormon subjects, but more than anything I threw the “Mormon” into MormonDaddy because I think that it says alot about my situation and who I am. For example, I’m pretty young by most standards. I’ll be 25 when my baby is born (I know, that’s OLD by Mormon standards!). Most of the daddy blogs that I read are written by men that are well into their 30’s. I’m also poor! I’m a little more than half way through college, and we struggle like most poor college families. I can’t help but cringe when I read the other daddy blogs and read about this $1000 stroller or that $3000 crib. I hope to be able to offer a different side of the spectrum here on MormonDaddy. We are starting this parenting thing off on an extremely tight budget and you will notice that most of the products I review here will reflect just that. I love luxury as much as the next guy… but I gotta get the most bang for my buck!

Besides me, you’ll probably be hearing alot about Mommy Brown, Dora the dog, and of course, our unborn baby!
Speaking of Baby Brown, Mommy is 16 weeks along, and today we have an appointment to find out the sex of the baby. Once the sex is determined, we will decide on a name (if we can agree on one!) and I will then start to refer to Baby Brown by name.
I will update tomorrow and let you know we we find out!!!



2 Responses to Mormon Daddy!

  1. Mama Ashley says:

    Dear Brown’s,
    I’ve been sitting here for a few months now trying to piece together all the best advice I can give you. Some might disagree but being pregnant and raising a baby all the sudden makes you a professional AT EVERYTHING!
    Where do I begin. So many things I’ve wanted to say to you two. First of all, congratulations.
    To Mommy, being pregnant is the most beautiful thing you could ever go through. Sounds cliche, but enjoy every minute of it. Not that you won’t be gorgeous for the rest of your life but pregnancy makes you absouletly angelic…take advantage. When it is nearing due date you will begin to feel uncomfortable, cranky, and anxious. Count every one of those jabs to the ribs, every one of those hiccups, and every time you have to run to the bathroom because it is a constant reminder that soon you love someone so much, you didn’t even know THAT much love was possible.
    To Daddy, There is only one thing I can tell you. Be there for Mommy. Love her, look at her like she is amazing. She is carrying your child and I wish I could describe how high you should hold her. There are no words that can even justify what she is doing for you. Be there for her, tell her you love her, hold her, take care of her, listen to her. No matter how happy a Mom is to be having a child sometimes it is scary and she’ll need you. Don’t let her down.
    To Baby Brown, you are so lucky to have the parents that you do. You better be as pretty as your mom and as sincere and warm hearted as your dad.
    Everyday is a blessing and so are babies. HAPPY DAY! Love is in the air!

  2. jen says:

    Hey Brown, I love your blog, I have actually been doing the same thing in my journal, but find it so much easier to write things on the computer. I need to start blogging online like you, its much more fun. I love everything you have written thus far, you are going to be a wonderful dad! Love Jen–>

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