Too early.

So apparently 16 weeks is still too early to be sure of the sex of the baby. We suspected this before we went in, but we called and they said that they would probably still be able to tell us. Of course when we got there the ultrasound tech told us it was too early and to come back in five weeks. She did do an ultrasound for the fun of it and we got to see Baby Brown moving around and doing whatever it is that babies do in the womb. She said that she had a good feeling of what the sex is, and she told us. I’ll wait until the next ultrasound to disclose the information in case she was wrong (she said she’s been wrong at this age before). Anyway, it was fun to see the baby and it definitely wasn’t a wasted trip. Seeing the baby is definitely a surreal experience… I can’t imagine what it will be like to see it in the flesh!


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