The search for the perfect crib…

I think we looked at about a hundred cribs before we found the one that we wanted. Actually, the crib that we finally picked out was one of the first ones we looked at, we just didn’t know how much we liked it until we realized how much we didn’t like all the other cribs we were looking at. It seems that all the crib makers got together and decided to make every crib that costs under $500 look exactly the same. Of course, that made the job of finding exactly what we wanted much more complicated. I guess we could have just settled for a crib that we “kind of” liked (like the baby would care?), but we pressed on until we were sure that we had the crib that we wanted. Why was it such a big decision anyway?

There were a few things that we wanted out of the crib. Primarily, we were on a budget. We didn’t have $1000 to blow on the crib (we didn’t even have $500!). Of course, all the cribs that I really liked were the expensive ones… but we just didn’t have that option.
Secondly, design was a big factor. We have a pretty modern sense of style. All the “country home style” sleigh cribs just didn’t appeal to us (that’s all they sell these days btw). We wanted something semi-traditional/semi-modern. Clean lines are nice. Also, since space is always an issue, we didn’t want something that HAS to be pushed up against the wall.
Finally, we wanted something sturdy and safe, for obvious reasons.

So it all boiled down to just a couple options and we’re happy with the choice that we made. We found this crib in the JC Penney catalog. It’s affordable, and we like how it looks.

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You can check out the catalog at

There were also some nice looking, extremely affordable cribs at IKEA… but they were a bit too “minimalist” for us. Either way, you can check them out at!


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