A man’s first visit with his OB/GYN

So I’ve been to every one of Mommy’s OB/GYN visits since we found out that she was pregnant, and I know that she appreciates it. Still though, that is one doctor’s office that just makes me nervous (and I’m not the one being probed!).

My very first visit was probably the most awkward. Being the lone man in a waiting room full of women reading pregnancy magazines doesn’t help calm the nerves. When we got called back to the room I couldn’t help but feel out of place. With a cut-away poster of female-parts looming over her, Mommy got undressed and put on a weird paper robe. This is not a man’s domain. Being so far out of my element I couldn’t even make my usual jokes or small talk, so we just kind of sat there and waited for the doctor.

The doctor came and she made us both feel really comfortable (I’m really glad that the doctor is female. Not that I wouldn’t like a male doctor; I just think it would be even more awkward…. for me and the doctor! I’m sure male OBs feel just as weird about examining a man’s wife right in front of him as you would about watching him do it). She proceeded with the exam and did a question/answer session with us. I was extremely glad to be there for that… this is your chance to find out everything you want to know! She did an ultrasound for us, which was awesome! And then we were done, just like that.

So the moral of the story is that it’s not that bad. The wife really likes to have me there, and I get to have my questions answered as well.

Speaking of doctor visits, we have one tomorrow… I’ll update if we find out anything cool.


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