The Name Game

Is it a universal law of nature that spouses can’t agree on baby names? I think we’ve gone through about a million names and still can’t seem to find any that we both like. Why is that? It’s not like it’s urgent, we still have plenty of time… it would just be nice to have it figured out.

One thing that we CAN agree on is what we don’t want the name to be! We don’t like really trendy names. Alternate spellings are out of the question. Trans-gender names are too confusing. We just want a good classic name.

Family names are ok, but we’ve got some in our family that are definitely out of the question. Mommy’s mother’s name is Ava. We both like that…. but there’s a problem. There’s already a famous Ava Brown…. she’s famous for being Hitler’s wife (Eva Braun). How about the name Shirl? That name comes from my side of the family. Although it sounds like a cute girl’s name, it’s actually my Dad’s name. I wouldn’t want to put a son of mine through the lifetime of wedgies associated with having a name like Shirl.

So what do we have? A girl name we are floating around right now is “Rachel Rose.” Rose is my Mom’s name. I like that. We just pulled Rachel out of the air somewhere and it’s starting to stick.

As for boy names…. we have none. Actually, I have a really good one… but Mommy has strictly forbidden me from passing my good name onto the child. What’s wrong with juniors? Really? I have never heard a junior complain about being a junior (well, there is my brother…. also named Shirl)! I think it’s a good idea. Oh well.

So hopefully in the next few months we will either a) stumble upon a male name that we miraculously both like, or b) find out that we are having a girl so we can just forget about it all together!


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