Haikus about a pregnant wife…

Nothing captures the emotion of being an expectant parent quite like poetry… here’s some haikus about my beautiful, pregnant wife.

My wife is pregnant.
It makes her very happy.
What were we thinking?

Some days, she is fine.
Others, I think she’s crazy.
But she’s just pregnant.

Her belly… growing.
Her pretty smile is the same.
Her patience… shrinking.

She wants to eat steak.
No wait, now she wants tacos.
Nevermind, it’s steak.

Or is it tacos?
It’s neither steak nor tacos,
Now she wants burgers.

She is so pretty.
She has that pregnancy glow.
Oh no, she just puked.

Counting down the months,
She is planning the nursery.
Great… I have to paint.

Her clothes fit no more.
She has to go buy new stuff.
No money for me.

She is a great wife.
I cannot thank her enough,
For having my child.


2 Responses to Haikus about a pregnant wife…

  1. Deanna says:

    These are fun! And yet, ring so true. 🙂

  2. winsor says:

    thank you for your work

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