Our new chair rocks!

When Mommy Brown and I were first married we combined all of our random stuff and ended up with a house full of everything that we had ever owned individually. Obviously we had to get rid of some stuff. One such thing happened to be an old rocking chair given to her by her parents.

Niether of us really liked the chair, but she had held on to it because she figured she needed a rocking chair for whenever she decided to have kids. At the time, that day seemed oh so far away and I promised that I would buy her a new chair when she became pregnant if we could just get rid of the old one. We got rid of it shortly after that conversation.

Fast forward a couple years and we’re pregnant and of course she has decided to take me up on that promise. So the other night we went looking at chairs.

She wanted a chair that was comfortable enough to fall asleep in. She also wanted something that rocks and reclines.

It just so happens that the local Lay-Z-Boy store is in the process of moving to a new location and they were having a huge sale to get rid of all the stuff in the store before they move. Most of the chairs were between 30-40% off. We ended up getting a nice little chair for 30% off and we really like it. It has a cool modern pattern and it’ll go perfect in our nursery. The picture doesn’t really do the chair justice… but this is it!

The sale continues through this month, but stuff is getting picked over pretty quick. Any Las Vegans in the search for a new chair should check it out.


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