Oh, the horror!!!

Why does everyone feel the need to tell pregnant women all the horrible things that happened to “someone they know” while they were pregnant?

Really, the thought process must go like this, “Oh look, she’s pregnant! I better tell her about all the miscarriages my sister-in-law had!”

My wife gets so stressed out about all this negative info she’s recieving from… well, everyone! Is there absolutely nothing positive to say about pregnancy? Is it some kind of joke that they let you in on after you have the baby (Ok, congratualtions Mr. and Mrs. Brown! By the way… you’ve been on the “How much can we stress this couple out?” show! There’s a camera over there, and over there…)?

It doesn’t help that the wife works in an elementary school. The place is full of women who apparently have been through the most horrible pregnancies known to man…

“I hope you’re not in and out of the hospital all the time like I was!”

“Get ready for some stretch-marks!”

“Say good-bye to your boobs!”

“You’re gonna be puking for the next 6 months!”

“I hope all your hair doesn’t fall out!”

This one she actually got from one of her 4th grade students…

“Mrs. Brown, you probably don’t want to hear this, but my cousin just had a baby and it died.”

She can’t take it anymore!

Somebody please just tell her something pleasant! Tell every pregnant woman you see how lucky she is to be in that position! I’m sure all the horror stories about preganacy can wait until after she’s had the baby… and by that time, she’ll have some horror stories of her own!


3 Responses to Oh, the horror!!!

  1. Matthew says:

    Okay, here’s some pleasant things about pregnancy.

    1) You both will have moments when you put your hand on the growing belly and feel kicks and movements that make you squeal in delight.
    2) There’s something about the glow of a pregnant woman (especially in the 2nd trimester and especially when that woman is your wife) that makes you want to smile.
    3) It’s a bonding time between you two that nothing else can equal.
    4) She can have that extra serving of ice cream without as much guilt.

    Keep your eyes on the prize. The end result makes every negative thing a distant memory.

  2. Becky says:

    I heard the same stuff when I was pregnant, so I couldn’t understand all these women who said, “Why didn’t they tell me …?” Dude. Get two or mothers around me when I was pregnant and it was like a contest to see who could gross me out/scare me the worst. Very weird.

    The first time I was pregnant? I loved it. Felt great. Ate well. Exercised. Traveled. It was perfect.

    (I won’t tell you about the second time I was pregnant.)

    Good luck! Have fun! Eat ice cream every night!

  3. Ashley says:

    God made every one unique. He made Julie unique, and made you unique. It is the perfect combination to make baby unique. Good, bad, happy or sad, God has a plan. God only does to you what He thinks you can handle. Keep in mind, if the horror story that someone else told her was really that horrible, they probably wouldn’t tell her. Really, the horror stories should be called “I farted in front of stranger at the grocery store”…and Julie will have these “horror stories” after she is done too, as long as she follows up with “but if that what I had to go through to get my baby, I’d do it a million times.” I can gaurentee that is how she’ll feel cause once you get your baby….she’ll laugh about farting.

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