Feelin’ it!

Julie is feeling the baby move ALL THE TIME now…. I’m jealous!


5 Responses to Feelin’ it!

  1. Deanna says:

    You won’t be feeling jealous when the baby is keeping her up ALL NIGHT LONG with those movements. It’s a double-edged sword. It’s so reassuring to feel the movement – but at 2 am, all you want is sleep.

  2. Swan says:

    Yeah, Wifey here’s been pregnant for 9 months. Her back hurts all the time, she has to really try if she’s going to touch her toes. She’s so over it. I’m not jelous. But, that’s me.

  3. Swan says:

    Oh by the way, congratulations.

  4. Duder says:

    New father of two weeks. Just wait until you watch her push that baby out. I was jeolous during the entire pregnanacy that I would never be able to experience what it is like to carry our child. After nearly two days of labor I am relieved that I won’t ever have to go through what she did. The only advice that will ever give expectant parents… The kid will sleep virtually continuously for 24 hours after birth. I know you will be excited, but get all the sleep you can during that time. You will both need your rest after the delivery. The second night is a mother f -er. Of all the un-solicited advice I received during the nine months of pregnancy, no one ever bothered to tell us that. We were up for the entire first night because we were so excited to finally meet our baby. Congrats and good luck.

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