Babies that dress cooler than I do…

The purpose of this post is two-fold. Primarily, I’m trying to drop hints to those who know me about what I might want for my birthday. Secondly, I found some cute baby clothes that I thought I should share.

So anyway! The weather is getting warmer and it’s time to buy some new summer clothes (of course the ones from last year don’t fit anymore). I’m a plain “Levi’s and t-shirt” kind of guy, so it’s pretty easy to find stuff I like. The other day one of my friends was wearing a shirt from American Apparel and I really liked it. So today while I was waiting for class to start I checked out the American Apparel website and I noticed that they have a baby section! I’ve been in the store many times and never noticed that they sell baby clothes (probably because I never cared!). Anyway, check it out, it’s a little pricey but the baby/kids clothes are really cute!

And to my wife/parents/siblings/anyone who loves me… I wear shirt size L!


2 Responses to Babies that dress cooler than I do…

  1. mary says:

    Any specific color?

  2. Daddy Brown says:

    Any color that would look good on me! haha.

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