Father-son bonding…

I finally felt the baby move today!!! For the last week or so, Julie has been trying to help me feel it. Everytime he starts bumping around she calls me into the room and holds my hand on her stomach for a few minutes. Up until today, I never felt a thing. When she called me in earlier today I was prepared to be disappointed… and then it happened! I had my hand there, waiting for the slightest movement and then I felt it… two distinct pushes! My baby boy was saying hi to his daddy! He can’t wait to meet me! He’ll probably think I’m awesome…

Anyway, in other news, I finally finished painting this week (yeah, the painting that I started 3 weeks ago!) Here’s a look at the colors and what we have in our nursery so far!


4 Responses to Father-son bonding…

  1. The Grandma says:

    Is that a tag hanging on the chair in the picture of the baby’s room?

  2. Deanna says:

    It took FOREVER for my husband to feel either of our kids move. I swear they could sense him coming. The room looks good, but you’ve got to get some baby decor in there!

  3. Matthew says:

    If you say so dude.

  4. Mangataur says:

    You should only speak to your baby in Spanish, and Julie will speak to it in English, and only allow it to watch Asian television channels, and have it tutored in German, and only allow it German books to read.

    But then you might end up with a kid who speaks bad englsih, loves Pokeymon and hates reading. But then again wouldn’t that be just like any other american kid?

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