Name Nonsense

After countless hours of discussing and rediscussing baby names…. we still have nothing. It’s just too hard!
So, here’s my solution… why don’t we let the kid pick his own name?!?!

Think about it. How cool would it be if they let you pick your own name once you got to be about 4 years old?

I’m pretty sure I would have picked “He-Man.” My nephew would probably be “Buzz Lightyear.” And wouldn’t it be pretty cool if every little girl was “Cinderella,” “Princess Aurora,” or “Dora the Explorer?”

So, I’m going to talk to Julie about it and see what she thinks… (I’ll let her pick the “temporary name” that the kid will go by until his 4th birthday, so she’s sure to go for it!).

I know this idea sounds ridiculous… and it is! I just need something to take my mind off of the constant frustration of picking a real baby name!


6 Responses to Name Nonsense

  1. Deanna says:

    Wow, we so did not have this problem… especially when it came to boys’ names. When my husband and I got married, we already had one girl name chosen and one boy name chosen, and since we now have one daughter and one son, they have these names. We have another boy name all picked out, but if we have another girl, we might be in trouble, since nothing has really struck us.

    Get a very good baby name book, and make a list of your favorites. Have your wife do the same, and then compare them and start talking. Or is there a relative that you want to honor? My son has my late grandfather’s name (which, concindentally, is my husband’s middle name). Or you can just choose to live dangerously and take the name book with you to the hospital and decide what name he looks like once he’s born. But I think that at least one of you has to have an opinion by now!

    If I had been allowed to pick my own name at age four, I think I would have been “Annie” (I LOVED that movie) or “Strawberry Shortcake”. 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    DON’T DO IT. I remembered when I was a kid I wanted to be named IVORY. Like Ivory soap because it smells good. DON’T DO IT.
    Didn’t you say something about Rachel Rose? OH wait that is a girls name. Try combining family names. I will tell you my future girl’s name. Ava, just cause I like it, and Alinn (A lynn) cause my name starts with an A and my sisters name is Lindey. See it is so easy. Ava Alinn. It is a good thing you are having a boy so you don’t steal my name. Look at Unisex names too. Be creative. BUT DON’T let your kid name himself. I knew I wanted Reese for Reese and it took a few days to have it stick but now I could’t imagine calling him anything else. Well except for Boogie. haha. NAME HIM BOOGIE!

  3. Becky says:

    Picabo Street picked her own name. What’s that tell you?

  4. Matthew says:

    “Matthew” has a nice ring to it.

    Please don’t name him Robert. The world only needs one Bobby Brown.

    Start perusing all of the names in the NFL. “Peerless” sounds pretty good too.

    Just don’t pick a family name that someone else was planning on using. Trust me on that one.

  5. al brown says:

    hash…..i dont care what it sounds like together…….its a tight name!he’ll be a big burly boy with a big burly name

  6. srhjytukyky says:

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