Name update…

So we think we might have something…. maybe. We’re gonna throw it around a little bit and see if we really like it.

“Stuart Jonathan Brown” or “Jonathan Stuart Brown.”

Either way he will go by Stuart, or Stu.

What do you think?

We got Stuart from my grandmother’s maiden name “Stewart.” Obviously, we changed it since “Stuart” is more common as a first name.

I really like it! We’ll see if it sticks…. your opinions please?


8 Responses to Name update…

  1. Ashley says:

    WOOO Stuart Jonathan is great! Although we all love Jon Stewart, you’ll hear about it for the rest of your life…so Stuart Jonathan sounds wonderful! Do it Do IT DO IT!

  2. Mangataur says:

    Don’t you know the routine? You don’t tell anyone the names you’re leaning toward because somebody will find a flaw in it, and some people will be completely against it, and its nerve racking, so just keep it secret and then once the child is born reveal its name, and then its too late for convincing and everyone smiles and holds their tongue.

    Plus, Because now we know its a boy, it gives everyone one more element of suspence/mystery after its born.

    FYI: Jason Lee’s baby’s name is “Flight Conductor”

  3. Deanna says:

    I’m very partial to Jonathan, since that it my brother’s name. Stuart is a nice name, but for a baby it makes me think of baby Stewie on “Family Guy”. Or a certain mouse. I’m not being helpful at all, am I? But if you’re going to call him Stuart, PLEASE make that his first name… I’ve known too many people who used their middle names as their given names, and it really confused them as children – like when they saw official documents, or a substitute teacher called them by the name listed on the attendance sheet, not the name they went by.

  4. Lori says:

    I picture a little kid in the 3rd grade with heavy glasses and he’s super smart. But i guess that’s something he’ll take after his dad. I like it. I like it S. J. B., instead of J. S. B. I like it…..

  5. al brown says:

    if i say i dont like it im scared ill get slapped……oh wait you slap me everytime u see me anyways. so heres my opinion, i like it! although im afraid the kids on the playground might call him ” stu the big brown poo”. i dont know, just lookin out for my nephew

  6. The Grandma says:

    Ok, Grandma has an opinion too! Your Stewart line traces directly back to Mary Queen of Scots. She was a STUART. Jon, your Dad has a cousin Stewart Simpson, Jeremy has a friend Stewart Christensen. Either way you spell it your little boy will be loved and grow up thinking he is wonderful. As for being teased…if it isn’t your name, it is your weight, your hair, or some other part of you that you can not change. Character is built through overcoming what life hands you. So, “Stu”, “Stewart” or “Stuart” …decide what you like best, But don’t mess with Jonathan….I really love that name!!!

  7. Daddy Brown says:

    Alright! Thanks for the input everyone! We are still thinking about it… we’ll let you know if we make a final decision. I’ll have you know that your input helped… thanks! If we decide to go with Stuart, it will most likely be Stuart Jonathan. We haven’t decided between Stuart and Stewart… who knows. We’ll wait until we know his name for sure and then decide on a spelling.

    Allison… don’t ever mention Stu and poo together again… unless you want to get slapped! haha.

  8. Woodge says:

    Actually, Mangataur, Jason Lee named his kid Pilot Inspektor. Just thought I’d clear that up. Also, Stuart is a fine name.

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