Little Sis…

My little sister Allison (pictured here with our nephew Frank) is celebrating her 21st today!

Happy Birthday Allison! Forget what I told Mary last week on her birthday…. YOU are the best sister I could ever ask for! Isn't it about time you moved back to Vegas? We gotta hang out and go eat tacos! (BTW… they are building a Chipotle right down the street from Mom & Dad's house!)

Anyway, remind me to punch you 21 times next time I see you!

I love you and I hope you have a great birthday!


3 Responses to Little Sis…

  1. mary says:

    What!?! Ok, I quess she is pretty great.

  2. al brown says:

    oh thats so sweet =) im the favorite aunt and favorite sister hnnn! thanx mary for the comment! well ill be home this summer…..start counting down the days. thanx for all your guys’ coolness……i have the best fam ever! love ya!

  3. Daddy Brown says:

    Aww… you’re both great sisters! In all seriousness… my 3 sisters are the best sisters in the world!

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