Daily grind…

April 27, 2006

Matthew over at Child’s PlayX2 recently posted a schedule of his daily routine on his blog. While reading it over I couldn’t help but notice the difference between his life and mine! My life is about to drastically change! To give you an idea of what I’m talking about I decided to write out MY schedule… that way, everyone can compare my pre-kid life to his two-kid life. This post will be especially relevant to my child-free friends… be sure to compare the two before you even think about spending any “alone time” with your significant others!

6 a.m: At about 6 a.m. I roll over, look at the alarm clock, and then roll back over realizing that I still have a few more hours of sleep!

9 a.m: I finally roll out of bed, jump in the shower, and then head promptly to the couch to lay down for a little longer while I watch the news. Sometimes I eat breakfast.

10 a.m: I go to school at 10. I’m never in a rush to get there. The commute to school is usually filled with listening to loud music and playing air drums on the steering wheel.

11:30 a.m: My fist class lets out, then I head to the library to study/sleep/surf the net. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll leave campus and go to a book store to read skateboard magazines.

12:30 p.m: Lunch time! I meet up with my other friends that still attend college everyday for lunch. We call this time “fun lunches.” Now that most of us are married, this is our “hang out” time. It works out well… we get to be loud, talk about man stuff, and eat crappy food all in one shot. “Fun lunch” usually lasts an hour or two or three. You never know until you get there.

2:15 p.m: Last minute studying before class (When needs be, I leave lunch early to study… you know, an extra 5 min. every once in awhile).

2:30 – 5:15 p.m: Back to class. A couple classes actually.

5:15 p.m: Leave school and head home. Julie usually gets home an hour or so before me and makes dinner. It’s always delicious!

6 p.m:This is when I hang out with my wife. On any given day we can be found doing a variety of fun things… grocery shopping, playing games, going over finances, watching tv/movies, baking delicious cakes, etc. This time usually lasts a couple hours until we both go into separate rooms to watch our favorite t.v. shows.

8 p.m: Daily Show

9 – 10 p.m: This is time that I have scheduled everyday to do absolutely nothing… that’s right nothing at all. If anything gets done during this time, then I’m doing something wrong. This time is for vegetation.

10:30 p.m:Julie goes to bed. I always go in and lay down with her for 15-20 minutes and we talk about our plans for the next couple days and that sort of thing. It’s just nice together time. She like the company as she falls asleep and I like to spend time with her. She is awesome.

10:45 p.m. – whenever: This is when I do the most studying. It’s quiet and I can actually concentrate. It usually lasts a couple hours or so and then I go join Julie in bed. It doesn’t take me too long to go to sleep. I’m always really tired by this time… doing nothing can get exhausting!


Q. How much are babies going for these days???

April 23, 2006

A. Hopefully enough to tile the bathroom and put some new cabinets in the kitchen!

Crazy father tries to sell his baby to make some home improvements…

6 weird things about me…

April 21, 2006

I usually don't do this kind of thing. I'm not into chain letters or other internet "pass-it-on" games. In fact, I usually try to break chain letters purposely… just to see if something horrible will really happen to me.

So last week, Deanna over at Deanna's Corner tagged me with this "six weird things" post and I decided to go ahead and go through with it. I'm not going to perpetuate the game, I wont be tagging anyone else (I wonder if there are any horrible consequences?), but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to publicly humiliate myself. So, here goes!

1. I'm 25… maybe I should act like it? Most of my friends have careers and wear suits and "meet with clients" and stuff. I ride a skateboard and spend all my time playing video games and searching for obscure records on the internet. Granted, I'm still working my way through school, but sometimes I feel like I should trade in my Levi's for Docker's and start planning out how I'm going to make my first million.

2. As I mentioned before here, I look pretty weird with a beard. My hair is a dirty-blond, but for some crazy reason my beard grows in a fiery red! A friend told me just the other day that it looks like I killed a red-head and stole his beard. Whatever…

3. I always have my wallet and my car keys right next to me. Even when I'm at home. I don't let them leave my sight. When Julie drives my car, I ask her for my car keys as soon as she shuts the door. It annoys her… but I have to have them! I have this weird fear of losing things (or of someone else losing my things). You will be happy to know that due to my diligence in keeping my belongings on my person at all times, I have never ever lost my keys! It's all worth it when I see someone frantically searching for their keys and I can say, "You should have kept them in your pocket!"

4. I wear the same clothes…. always! Not the same pair, but the same brand/cut/style. I find what I like and I stick with it. I think I get this from my Dad (he's worn Levi's 501's and polo shirts everyday since I've known him!) I like my Levi's and my t-shirts. This was hard for Julie at first, but she's ok with it now. She once convinced me to buy some jeans from the GAP instead of my usual Levi's, they just didn't cut it!

Also, I average about 1 new pair of shoes per year. I buy a pair of shoes and then I wear them until they can no longer be worn. Then I go buy a new pair. I'm not one of those dude's with 12 pairs of shoes. Before we got married I would even wear my everyday tennis shoes to church on Sunday. I didn't see anything wrong with it… shoes just cover your feet. Eventually Julie made me buy some nice church shoes… but I fought it every step of the way!

5. I'm like a little kid when it comes to food. I have to separate everything on my plate… no potatoes touching meat, no meat touching peas, no peas touching ice cream, and so on. If I don't like a certain ingredient, I WILL pick it out. If the family is eating something I don't like, I'll make mac & cheese or hot dogs and eat those instead. I eat the whole thing of fries before I even open the burger. I can put ketchup (or ranch) on just about anything. You get the picture… I'm picky! I try not to be… but it doesn't work!

6. I'm not going to do 6. This is where YOU come in! Yeah, YOU! Julie, Mom, sisters, friends, family, readers, everyone! What have you noticed that's weird about me??? This shouldn't be difficult! If you think I do something weird… put it in the comments! It's impossible to offend me, so be honest. Let the ridiculing begin!

Side effects of sleep deprivation…

April 19, 2006

So I was up until the wee hours of the morning last night working on a power point presentation for one of my classes. I didn't start on it until after I got off work at midnight last night… I tend to procrastinate a bit. Anyway, this presentation counts for a large percentage of the final grade in the class, so I sacrificed my sleep last night so that I could get it done right. When I finally finished the presentation, I saved it to a disk and put it into my backpack so that I wouldn't forget it.

Fast forward to this morning. After getting a couple hours of sleep, I forced myself out of bed, filled my gut with Red Bull (if I could shower with that stuff I would) and headed off to school. It takes me about an hour to drive there, more if there's traffic. Of course, it wasn't until I went through the entire commute and got to school that I realized that not only did I forget my presentation, but I also forgot my backpack with ALL of my books.

So here I am… at home once again. I had to miss my first class (if I had known that I was going to miss the class I could have slept in a few more hours!). I'm getting my stuff together right now and I'm going to head back out to make the commute AGAIN. I hope that my presentation doesn't go as bad as this morning has!

I can only imagine how life will be once the baby gets here. 

International Super-Baby!

April 18, 2006

We're back! We made it to down to Phoenix and even had time to take a quick trip across the border! "Stewart" (or at least I think that's how we're going to spell it now) is officially an international traveler! Here's some photos from the trip… I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

Hanging out in Mexico.

This sign is for dumb gringos who can't see the massive border fence 100 ft. down the road.

We had lunch in this restaurant that is built into the side of a mountain so it's like you're eating in a big cave. I don't know why that is appealing, but it is!

This is us me being stupid out in front of the restaurant.

Back in Phoenix! Hours spent in Mexico? 3.5; Hours spent in IKEA? 6! What the hell is wrong with us?

On the way home I thought it would be fun to put on the sweet "lucha libre" mask I bought down in Mexico! (How I convinced this beautiful woman to marry me is beyond my ability to comprehend… she must have a thing for total dorks!)

That's it! It's good to be home! Finals are coming up in the next couple weeks… I'll be putting in a lot of studying time so if I dissapear for a few days don't worry. I'll try to update as often as I can! (If you're lucky you might get to see more pics of me in my luchador mask!)

Getting away…

April 14, 2006

So it turns out that I’m getting a little mini-vacation after all! We decided to head out to Phoenix this weekend to visit some friends and also to stop into IKEA and get some misc. nursery stuff.

It will be a much needed break! See you on Monday!!!

Becoming a provider…

April 13, 2006

Now that I have a kid on the way, the importance of choosing a career that can support a family is constantly reaffirming itself. Every thought of fun family times is accompanied by a feeling of absolute terror. The terror being a result of knowing that in my current situation I could never provide the upbringing that a child deserves…

That is my number one reason for attending college. I’m in school everyday. ALL DAY everyday. I’m at school RIGHT NOW! And frankly… I’m feeling extremely burnt out!

I’m tired of studying so hard. I’m tired of long days at school followed by long nights at work. I’m not complaining… I just need a break! A vacation would be nice!

I hope this isn’t coming across wrong. I’m extremely grateful for my opportunity to attend college and get educated… I just wish it was over with!

Everyday I think about my new son and how happy I want him to be. He’s the reason I’m still here at school at 8 o’clock in the evening. He’s the reason I get my homework done and work my butt off trying to get the highest grades in the class. He’s the reason I’m in it for the long haul…

I’m doing this all for him…. so he better not ever complain to me about anything!!!

(I should take a chance here to thank my wonderful sugar mama for working so hard when she was in college only to work even harder to put ME through college! Thanks babe!)