Speaking of baby showers….

This weekend we went out and registered for some baby stuff. Registering is bit of a headache. Of course it’s fun to look at all the cute little baby things… but it doesn’t take long to figure out that your idea of cute may differ slightly from that of your spouse’s.

We didn’t have that problem when we registered for our wedding… a toaster is a toaster! With a baby… what may be hideous to one parent might be the cutest thing in the world to the other!

We settled most of our differences by registering for two separate items if we had a difference of opinion. That way, the gift giver will be the judge!

I guess this shouldn’t even be an issue… have you ever seen a baby that isn’t cute??? No matter what hideous gifts this baby gets, he’ll be the cutest guy in the world!


One Response to Speaking of baby showers….

  1. The Grandma says:

    Since I already know that you will think my baby gift will be hideous I will save my money and give you nothing for that cute little baby Brown except a whole lotta love. I think I’ll be save with that gift!

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