6 weird things about me…

I usually don't do this kind of thing. I'm not into chain letters or other internet "pass-it-on" games. In fact, I usually try to break chain letters purposely… just to see if something horrible will really happen to me.

So last week, Deanna over at Deanna's Corner tagged me with this "six weird things" post and I decided to go ahead and go through with it. I'm not going to perpetuate the game, I wont be tagging anyone else (I wonder if there are any horrible consequences?), but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to publicly humiliate myself. So, here goes!

1. I'm 25… maybe I should act like it? Most of my friends have careers and wear suits and "meet with clients" and stuff. I ride a skateboard and spend all my time playing video games and searching for obscure records on the internet. Granted, I'm still working my way through school, but sometimes I feel like I should trade in my Levi's for Docker's and start planning out how I'm going to make my first million.

2. As I mentioned before here, I look pretty weird with a beard. My hair is a dirty-blond, but for some crazy reason my beard grows in a fiery red! A friend told me just the other day that it looks like I killed a red-head and stole his beard. Whatever…

3. I always have my wallet and my car keys right next to me. Even when I'm at home. I don't let them leave my sight. When Julie drives my car, I ask her for my car keys as soon as she shuts the door. It annoys her… but I have to have them! I have this weird fear of losing things (or of someone else losing my things). You will be happy to know that due to my diligence in keeping my belongings on my person at all times, I have never ever lost my keys! It's all worth it when I see someone frantically searching for their keys and I can say, "You should have kept them in your pocket!"

4. I wear the same clothes…. always! Not the same pair, but the same brand/cut/style. I find what I like and I stick with it. I think I get this from my Dad (he's worn Levi's 501's and polo shirts everyday since I've known him!) I like my Levi's and my t-shirts. This was hard for Julie at first, but she's ok with it now. She once convinced me to buy some jeans from the GAP instead of my usual Levi's, they just didn't cut it!

Also, I average about 1 new pair of shoes per year. I buy a pair of shoes and then I wear them until they can no longer be worn. Then I go buy a new pair. I'm not one of those dude's with 12 pairs of shoes. Before we got married I would even wear my everyday tennis shoes to church on Sunday. I didn't see anything wrong with it… shoes just cover your feet. Eventually Julie made me buy some nice church shoes… but I fought it every step of the way!

5. I'm like a little kid when it comes to food. I have to separate everything on my plate… no potatoes touching meat, no meat touching peas, no peas touching ice cream, and so on. If I don't like a certain ingredient, I WILL pick it out. If the family is eating something I don't like, I'll make mac & cheese or hot dogs and eat those instead. I eat the whole thing of fries before I even open the burger. I can put ketchup (or ranch) on just about anything. You get the picture… I'm picky! I try not to be… but it doesn't work!

6. I'm not going to do 6. This is where YOU come in! Yeah, YOU! Julie, Mom, sisters, friends, family, readers, everyone! What have you noticed that's weird about me??? This shouldn't be difficult! If you think I do something weird… put it in the comments! It's impossible to offend me, so be honest. Let the ridiculing begin!


3 Responses to 6 weird things about me…

  1. al brown says:

    let me start with saying that #4 is so true……but thats what makes you jon brown. well heres something about you thats weird, you act like you can play the drums. im pretty sure you still do this one. you drum uncontrolably on yourself, others, and anything in sight. i swear, i have bruises from this annoying habbit of yours…..some from you hitting me and others from me hitting myself cause you wont stop =) ha well maybe its not that bad…….or is it……

  2. Deanna says:

    There are no consequences for not tagging others… you’ll notice I only tagged two people. It’s just fun to reveal trivial bits of information that makes people want to hide from you. 😉

    My sister is #5 all the way. However, I must warn you… you will not find this so amusing or understandable if Baby Brown becomes a picky eater.

  3. mary says:

    You like to make wierd faces in pictures. I’ve seen a couple normal pictures, but generally you contort your face into some strange resemblence of you.

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