I’m back!

I bet you didn't even realize I was gone!

A few friends and I took off on a whim this weekend to go surfing and enjoy the nice cool weather down in Southern California. We left the wives behind this time and they had a slumber party or something. Good times for everyone!

I know I've been slacking on the updates lately. I'll do much better when this semester is finally over (one more week!) For the time being, here are some random thoughts/updates that are sure to bore you to hold you over until next time!

1. Julie is thinking about getting some "professional" pregnancy portraits done. She wants to do it, but isn't sure if it's worth the money. I think it's a good idea. You're only pregnant with your first child once right? Any thoughts? Good idea/bad idea?

2. We're taking a tour of the hospital on Saturday. We get to check out the maternity ward and find out where we need to go on the big day. They also offer free birthing prep classes that we can sign up for while we're there. Again, any thoughts? I want to be as prepared as possible.

3. I think we are back to "Stuart" for the time being. I like it. Julie goes through phases of loving and hating it. We'll see what happens.

4. I have to write an 8 page paper tomorrow on "women in the Catholic Church in 20th century Spain." I can't decide which thing would be worse… writing this paper, or being eaten alive by wolves.

5. We got all the nursery furniture assembled and arranged. A big thanks goes out to ikea for offering cheap furniture for kids. If a baby urinates on an expensive dresser, that sucks! But if they urinate on a cheap particle-board box, who cares?!

That's all for now. Consider yourself informed.

I'll check back in soon.


6 Responses to I’m back!

  1. al brown says:

    i think julie should do the perfessional pics! i think its cute and she can pull it off…..some pregnant people cant. GO FOR IT JULIE!

  2. Deanna says:

    1) You couldn’t have paid me to get pregnancy portraits done. That being said, if Julie wants to, go ahead. I’m not sure it’s worth the time or money, though… are you planning on displaying these? Handing them out to relatives? If you just want a memento, take a snapshot.

    2) TAKE THE CLASS. TAKE THE CLASS. Anything that gets you more prepared for the delivery should be taken advantage of.

    3) I’d get a baby name book and take it with you to the hospital… just in case he doesn’t look like a “Stuart”. Be prepared to be flexible.

    4) Claim the wolves ate your paper.

    5) Gotta love IKEA.

    By the way, you were the 100th comment on my blog! I will have to think of something special to do for you… 🙂

  3. Jenn delValle says:

    I love you both, don’t name your son Stuart. What happened to Carson? I think it’s adorable! Carson Brown, has a nice ring to it. And I thought JR was still an option. Don’t give up on that if you really want it Jon!

    Tell Julie to get the pregnancy portraits done. She’ll be happy she did later.

  4. Matthew says:

    Your wife’s beautiful – get the pics.

    I’m with Deanna, take the class. And practice the breathing thing because I started to freak when we got close because I didn’t remember how to do the breathing thing. That’s when I remembered we had scheduled a c-section so I was off the hook. You won’t be so lucky.

    Gotta have back-ups. But they seriously frown if you leave the hospital without naming the baby (No Social Security card, etc.). I always use the “can you make fun of this name” test. I’m afraid all I think of is a little brown mouse when I hear the name Stuart. I’m digging Carson though.

    Did you mean “Token women in the Catholic Church in the 20th century?” Let’s see, how can you spread no women in the priesthood out over 8 pages?

    Please tell me you had meatballs and a cinamon roll when you were at IKEA. I seriously will go to lunch at IKEA (there’s one a few miles from where I work).

    Oh, and I did notice you were gone. If you were in San Diego, I’m going to be pissed you didn’t stop by and say hi.

    P.S. I can’t believe I just gave you advice on what to name your kid. Rule #1: Don’t ask other people what they think about names. If we all thought the same, we’d all be named Jonathan. Oh, wait.

  5. Ashley says:

    Have Julie do the picture. 7 months later I would do anything to be and/or see myself pregnant again. However, you have a photo background, go to lone mountain park (where you proposed right?) and take some shots of her yourself.

    I didn’t take any classes. My pregnancy and my delivery, where picture perfect. NO breathing was needed with me. It was take a deep breath, push, hold for ten seconds, and relax. I was drugged and laughing the whole time. When you are stoked to get the baby out, you don’t feel anything but like you are going to (enter explicit) all over the table.

    I never knew about “Carson” but I love it!

    What more did women do other then sit, kneal, and stand in the Church?

    Hey I have 3 times – hand me down furniture for my baby…brand name is stamped on it….my niece’s drawings.

  6. albertyna says:

    Perfect pages… tnx

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