Weekend Update

Here comes "hell week." That's how we refer to finals week. I don't know if it's a fair comparison though… hell couldn't possibly be as bad as college!

Anyway, my sisters yelled at me tonight for not updating the site enough over the past couple weeks. All I can say is… calm down! Finals will be done on Wednesday and then I'll get back in my groove! Lately it keeps coming down to the "sleep or post on the blog" dilema. There just hasn't been time for both. Sleep usually wins.

Once again, here's a couple mini-posts to hold you over. I promise to think of cooler stuff to post about once the week is over!!!

1. The hospital tour was great! Very informative. We got to see the labor and delivery rooms. They are actually nicer than I imagined! I can think of hotels that are less comfy. We also paid our co-pay and got registered and everything, so now we just have to show up and get the baby out. Less than three months to go!

2. Lately I've been having some pretty sweet father-son moments with the little guy. Julie always goes to sleep before me and lately I've been able to feel him moving around while she's asleep. I'll just get into bed and put my hand on her stomach and wait for him to make contact. It's hard to get one-on-one time with him being inside her and all, but we've found our time to bond. He pushes, and I push back… it's fun.

3. Ok, more names have come into the mix. We're still bouncing Stuart around. The new ones are Noah and Jonah. Carson isn't really in the running. I'm glad everyone likes it so much… I'm just not into it. Julie likes Noah. I like Jonah. We're trying to think of middle names that would fit. I suggested Jonah Than. She wasn't into it.

4. I think women who have gone through pregnancies take joy in saying things like, "Oh look at you! You're huge!" to pregnant women. I've talked about this before… but it seriously happens all the time! My favorite comeback to the "You're huge!" comment would have to be, "Yeah! I'm pregnant… what's your excuse?"

Alright! That's it! Wish me luck!

I'll be back in a few days!


One Response to Weekend Update

  1. al brown says:

    its about time! =) good luck with exams

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