Practice run…

Yesterday afternoon Julie started to get some shooting pains in her side. Nothing serious… it just hurt! She decided to wait it out and see if they went away. At about 9 p.m. the pains were still happening and she started to worry. Our doctor has a 24 hour nurse on call to answer questions so she decided to call. The nurse said it was probably nothing serious, but she should probably go in to the hospital and get checked out… just in case. 

So we made the trip across town and met with the doctor at about 10. After doing a couple hours worth of monitoring the baby, they found nothing abnormal and let us go home. The doctor said the pains may be coming from stretching ligaments or dehydration and told Julie to drink more water. 

Thankfully there was nothing wrong with the baby. I'm glad we went down there… the peace of mind is well worth it.

The best thing about the trip is that we got some experience checking into the hospital. She even got monitored in one of the delivery rooms while I sat next to her watching Law & Order. It was like a scrimmage. Now we know exactly where to go and who to talk to on delivery day.  

Also, finals are DONE! 


2 Responses to Practice run…

  1. mary says:

    It’s good to hear everything’s ok. Thanks for the update. You know what I was thinking. I might be working at the hospital when Julie has the baby. I’ll be there every Tues and Wed in July, so there’s a good chance. Talk to you later.

  2. Ashley says:

    Her pregnancy sounds almost picture perfect! I did the same thing. They treated me like I was an idiot, “you are a first time Mom, aren’t you?” I hope they didn’t do that to you guys. BUT like you said, the piece of mind is made it worth it!

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