The real football…

So it's been kind of hard for me to bring myself to make a post today. I've been hiding in my room all day after the US totally bombed their opening World Cup game this morning. What a disaster!

Now, I'm sure the majority of you could care less about the World Cup, but I'm going to keep you updated anyway. I mean, it is the largest sporting event in the world! You should at least know how your own country is doing!

So as of right not things aren't looking too hot. We play again on Saturday, this time against Italy. Keep your fingers crossed! There's still hope!!!

That being said, let's move on. Since I haven't been able to focus on much other than soccer in the last few days, I'll just take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to Julie's baby shower! I wasn't around, but Julie said it was absolutely wonderful! Thanks to everyone who gave us gifts, we were completely overwhelmed by the generosity!

Here are some pictures of the event…



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