I like this picture from today's game. After all the pre-game controversy surrounding Eddie Johnson's remarks comparing today's game to a war… this is the image that we are left with! Looks like it WAS a battleground after all!

Anyway, for those of you who don't follow soccer (all of you?), you can be proud of the US team today. Leading into the game, every single critic, every blog, and every "soccer expert" all predicted a major Italian victory (I guess you can't blame them after our horrible performance against the Czechs), and what happened was anything but. We didn't get the win, but we definitely took the Italians by surprise. We dominated the field game and kept them on the defensive for the majority of the match. In the end we were down one man due to ejections (there were three total in the match!) and we still held off their attacks and were able to force the 1-1 draw which is what we needed to still have a chance in the tournament.

So at very least we proved that we aren't the total joke that we appeared to be in our first match!

Anyway! I promise I'm not turning this into a soccer blog! I'm just excited about the Cup.

As for the baby, we're really coming down to the wire. 4 or 5 weeks left… something like that. Things are going good. Julie is wanting to be done with the pregnancy already! She's off for the summer and she's trying to keep busy. We're just playing the waiting game now.

Hurry up Noah! We're getting excited to meet you!


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