Week 2

Here we are in the middle of week two and I realized that we need an update. Remembering to write is an accomplishment in itself… I have a hard time remembering to put my pants on before my shoes these days. It seems that since Noah was born I’ve become a total dunce. I can’t talk right. I forget to do things. I don’t know if it stems from lack of sleep or change of routine. Maybe I’ve always been this dumb and I’m just realizing it now that there is a tiny human that relies on me for everything. Hopefully I’ll snap out of it before school starts back up a the end of the month!

As for Noah, he’s had a great week! He’s getting up less frequently in the middle of the night. He’s getting better at nursing. He took some trips over to the grandparent’s houses. He got circumcised. That was a fun experience. Julie opted to wait in the waiting room and I went in to watch the operation. Noah decided that he didn’t like the look of all the sharp tools laying next to him on the table and relieved himself onto them. The doctor had to get out a new set of tools. My boy is a fighter! Everything has gone well since the operation.

On Thursday we are heading out of town so that Noah can meet his great-grandparents and his new cousin Gabe (Gabe was born less than a week after Noah). This will be Noah’s first trip. It will be about a one and a half hour drive. It should go pretty smoothly. We’ll post some pictures of the two babies when we get home.

That’s it for now… here are a couple of pictures!


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