The End

September 21, 2006

That’s right everyone, this is it. The last post. Thanks to everyone for giving me so much support along the way!

The reasons I can no longer keep this blog going are many, but they all boil down to one main factor… TIME! Somehow I’ve run out of it! With school getting super intense, a new baby at home, time with Julie becoming more scarce, and a hundred other things… I just can’t spend the time that I DO have on the computer. It’s hard enough for me to find time to do the important things like “eat” and “sleep.”

So thank you to all of you! This has been a great experience! I will keep in touch with everyone. You can always get in touch with me at

I’m sure I’ll be back someday!

Good bye friends!


Cuatro Generaciones

September 4, 2006

My Grandpa came to town today and we were able to get this “four generations” picture. Noah, me, my Dad and Grandpa. I’m glad we got it. Grandpa may not be around for much of Noah’s life and Noah will be glad to have this picture with his great-grandfather.