Name: Daddy Brown
Age: 25
Home: Las Vegas, NV
About me: I’m a soon to be daddy interested in documenting my offspring’s triumphant passing from womb to world. In my spare time I’m an awesome husband and also a pre-med student at UNLV.
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One Response to Me

  1. cami dreyer says:

    Just a couple months ago we had our neighborhood CD release party for
    “Family Photograph” by the Dreyer Family Band.
    We wanted to send you a copy to check out and hopefully review.
    If you could let us know if you are up for this, could you send us
    your mailing address?!

    We’ve gotten some great reviews so far from non-toxic kids, zooglobble,
    out with the kids, etc…. but really wanted YOU to check out a copy too!

    What is it?
    17 songs written by parents, performed by a family, recorded in
    analog with styles ranging from urban
    bongo rhythms to playground handclap songs to show tunes to
    campfire songs. All original.

    We hope you are just ridiculously excited about this…but will
    settle for willing to listen!!

    Annie & Cami

    ps if you’d like a sneak peek, check out our website at

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